Warning – Merchant providers that are less than reputable

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Warning, lots of merchant providers are hitting the market and they are focusing on “Security.” It’s in response to all the breaches that are going on. Be careful with the fast talking reps who are pushing you into a sale. Here are some key things and questions to look and ask for: Are you local? Get a business card and check for the address & number. How long have they been doing this? If your in a current contract, what are they willing to do? ***Local references*** ***Google them*** Reviews, Ripoff reports, BBB If...

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Credit Card Security Concerns

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If you’re a mid size or small business owner who accepts credit cards, you should be concerned by the recent security breach with Target. Target is known for having invested a huge amount of money in their security and for them to have a breach, means other businesses should be questioning their own security. Call your merchant provider and ask if you’re up to date on your (terminals, POS’s, Online service) It never hurts to ask. If you’re given the run around and feel like your spinning your tires, give me a call and...

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Be Aware Of FREE Offers

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FREE FREE comes with a price! Please be aware of Merchant Providers who keep using these words. I just had a client who had someone make all kinds of promises and offers to get his business. My client called me and we discussed these offers and read their contract. We found lots of hidden fees and the savings promised were false! He actually would have paid more per month and would have had a nightmare, if he tried to cancel working with them in the future. My client wasn’t going to make the switch, but as a business owner, he wanted to...

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New Years Savings

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January is most likely the best time of the year to have your credit card rates evaluated. Businesses are always trying to find ways to save money and a lot of times they forget to check their rates. Try and avoid the solicitation calls, ask other businesses or neighboring businesses who they use and if they’re happy? In most cases, you’ll find someone who’s familiar with your area and may be local. The savings can add up and truly effect your bottom line! I’m always available for a free consultation if you have any...

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Gift Cards – Business Owners – How to avoid potential loss of revenue

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Merchants/Retailers – If you’re issuing gift cards and wanting to switch to another credit card processor, be aware that not all processors can do the same things. You may be in a situation with your current company and not be able to move your GC’s over. If told by the prospective new company that they can do this, make sure it’s in writing!  Promises are made all the time and nothing in writing to back up those words. You could stand to deal with potential revenue loss and a severe headache down the road!

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Some tips for avoiding credit card fraud this holiday season

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It’s that time of the year when credit card fraud is at its highest. Avoid using debit cards in restaurants, hotels, rental cars when traveling. Also avoid using them when making online purchases. Always check for the https or the locked padlock in the URL line, this means that they are secure sites. We see the highest amount of theft in these top categories. Most debit cards do not come with any type of protection. These cards lead thieves directly into your bank accounts. Using a credit card for these types of transactions usually...

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Merchant Credit Card Statements

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Credit card statements can be difficult to read let alone understand, unfortunately some companies do this on purpose.  If you have questions or concerns, you should call your processor and ask for clarity.  If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly assist you.

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International Credit Card Fraud Scam

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Credit card fraud is BIG BUSINESS!  Go to this link and read just how the federal government is trying to crack down on these individuals.    

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Unethical practices by credit card companies

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Numerous business owners have been overwhelmed with calls from credit card companies making all kinds of promises. If you receive a call asking to update your terminal, sell you paper, needing to see your merchant statements, hang up and call your processor. These calls are misleading and dishonest. They are not your current provider and are just trying to get themselves in the door by acting like they are. If in doubt, always call your representative and ask for clarity.  These calls are designed to confuse you (the business owner) and...

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