John P. Crilly
John P. Crilly VP of Commercial Claims Inc.
“We were hesitant to give Authorize.net a chance because they promised to cut our fees in half. We thought that would either mean we were getting tricked into some kind of scheme or we were going to get no customer service and lots of headaches because of that. None of this occurred. We had a smooth transition and have had no problems and our costs have been cut nearly in half.”
Rhonda Golden
Rhonda Golden Goldenworks Jewelry
 I just opened my business and thought It a good idea to start out using Square to process my credit card transactions.  I knew of Filly working with credit card processing, but thought of the hassle behind it all and chose Square instead.  I was doing fine with little purchases, but when I received two special orders in one week for an amount of over 17k, I quickly realized I had a problem.  The money from square wasn’t in my account the first week, then the second week. I tried to contact Squares customer support and found out they only handle business through emails. This was upsetting to me. When someone did reply back, it was days later and I was informed I wouldn’t be seeing my money hit my account for another three weeks. This put my business at risk.  I needed money to purchase material in order to fulfill my orders. I reached out to Filly in a panic and she was in my store the very next morning. She explained what it was she was going to do for me and put a rush on my order.  Once I started processing with her company, I found my money in my bank the very next day.  She adjusted my rates to less than a percent, with square I was paying 2.75 -3.00%.  I really appreciated her attention to detail and how easy it was to do business with her.  I hadn’t much experience with credit cards and didn’t understand the process. She took the time to explain it all and made sure I was comfortable before moving forward, she wasn’t pushy.  She assured me her company had customer service 24/7 and she also supplied me with her personal cell phone number. I have been processing with Filly for over a year now and I’m extremely satisfied with her services and how easily accessible she is.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is either starting out or just wanting to save some money.  She’s honest and always available to assist.” 
Letter From Competitor
Letter From Competitor Credit Card Co
 “Good morning, Filly: My name is TM, and I am with Credit Card Co, an ISO/MSP based in Olathe.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sara at Midwest Vacuum in Lee’s Summit this past Friday afternoon – a very good friend of mine had referred me to her, so I decided to pay a visit.  Sara couldn’t say enough good things about you, and shared how pleased she had been with your service and that she considered you to be a very good friend. I explained to her that the very WORST reason to ever consider leaving an ISO would be because she was happy with her service.  Especially one that had set her up on interchange plus pricing.  Sara went on to tell me that you had moved on to a new ISO, and related to me the experience she had when Red (?) came in to try to win her business.  I guess Red told her that her perfectly good FD-100 needed to be replaced – which told me that this ISO did not have an First Data platform on which to board her business.  Sara was also adamant sharing with me that any deal a rep would try to sell her would be run through you first. I asked Sara if I could have your contact information. Sara’s loyalty to you and trust in your professionalism impressed the heck out of me – this is exactly the type of relationship I try to build with my own accounts.  Your pricing method impressed me as well – outside of Heartland, there are very few of us out there that will use interchange plus – or even trouble themselves to learn it.  So many of our competitors use tiered pricing, or worse yet, ERR to deceive their poor, unsuspecting merchants.  And it gives us as an industry a bad name.I guess I just wanted to reach out to you this morning to say that it was refreshing to come across another “good guy” in the card industry, and would love to meet you sometime for coffee. Please let me know if you would like to meet.  I hope to hear from you soon!” 

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