Unethical practices by credit card companies

Numerous business owners have been overwhelmed with calls from credit card companies making all kinds of promises. If you receive a call asking to update your terminal, sell you paper, needing to see your merchant statements, hang up and call your processor. These calls are misleading and dishonest. They are not your current provider and are just trying to get themselves in the door by acting like they are. If in doubt, always call your representative and ask for clarity.  These calls are designed to confuse you (the business owner) and before you know it, someone is standing in front of you trying to get you to switch providers. They will try to rush you, make you feel as if you would be missing out on a huge opportunity.  Always ask for references of other business owners and take time to really understand what’s going on.  Ask them to leave and set up another appointment if needed.  The trick here is to slow it down and you control the situation.  If they are a reputable company then they will understand and not be “pushy.”

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